For the first time, JKL Hunting Adventures is proud to announce free range, safari style alligator hunting. A safari style alligator hunt (not to be confused with shooting a hooked alligator trapped on a large hook) challenges the hunter to choose a specific animal, experience the thrill of the stalk, and then to make a well placed shot, harvesting the trophy.


September is alligator season. Once considered an endangered species, the alligator, through a very successful conservation effort, has made a remarkable comeback.


Safaris will be conducted on 5,000 privately owned acres of Louisiana swamp which is interlaced with canals and small bayous.  This previously unhunted swamp lies just outside of the Atchafalaya Basin. Hunts will be facilitated by the use of the ATV's.


This denizen of the swamp is the top predator of Louisiana. The alligator certainly represents a worthy trophy for any serious big game hunter. JKL Hunting Adventures offers rifle, pistol, muzzleloader and bow hunts for this beast that time seems to have forgotten.

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